mission: to brew our own exciting and innovative soft drinks, using 100% natural ingredients, without sacrificing flavour or the planet.

FITCH was started because co-founders, Emily & Andy are passionate about creating innovative soft drinks, without sacrificing flavour, ingredients or the planet. Our vision is to become THE craft brewery defining the world of soft drinks. Using only 100% natural ingredients and exact brewing methods at our UK based brewery, we have created a range of soft drinks that have REAL functionality from REAL ingredients with REAL sustainability.


why we started fitch

Started by us, co-founders Emily Fitch-Deeley and Andy Deeley. In 2017 FITCH Brew Co concept became a reality.

After visiting the USA, we were hugely inspired by the variety of soft drinks available. The obvious question was, why wasn’t this variety available in the UK? Similar to the craft beer concept, our ethos from day 1 for FITCH was to showcase ingredients and develop real craft around producing drinks with flavour, function and innovation – but for soft drinks.

We wanted to be able to provide an adult soft drink alternative to what was currently available in the marketplace.

Why can’t soft drinks be innovative and exciting?

problem : “I’m bored of all the soft drinks that pretend to be something they are not. Show me a soft drink that’s actually doing something interesting, that’s full of flavour without being artificial, that’s better for me and the planet”.

The idea of simply setting up a drinks brand that was fully outsourced, and to just own the Sales & Marketing was never on our agenda.

We have seen so many companies that are so superficial and have no real heart. This was something we could never be. We are whole heartedly behind taking ownership, driving provenance, providing authenticity, developing the recipes and learning our craft. We knew that this approach was not going to create an overnight brand, but a company with longevity.

After successfully raising our seed capital on Crowdcube in just 29 hours, at the time one of the fastest ever raises on the platform, we set about implementing the vision.

our first product

This was the time to buy some nice shiny new brewing equipment and start developing our first ever product – Cold Brew Coffee.

There was no better product to start with to demonstrate the concept behind FITCH – 100% natural real ingredients. FITCH Cold Brew Coffee does exactly this – we started with Ethiopian Arabica Coffee and Purified Water. That’s it.

No additives, sugars, preservatives. 100% Natural Cold Brew. In the space of only 4 months development, we sold our first ever can of FITCH Still Cold Brew Coffee in June 2017.

FITCH was officially born.


We often get asked, where does your incredible looking logo come from. Is it a tiger? Big Cat? Lion?

Well here are the details:

Animal: Leopard

Name: Nebiri

Age: Unknown, timeless

Gender: Female

Origins: Family coat of arms. The origins of the design is from our family coat of arms. We had to make her look a little less timid and more badass, and our logo was born.

The name Nebiri came from an Instagram poll we ran and one of our followers suggested her name. Having started to use Ethiopian coffee beans in our first ever product, the Amharic (official language of Ethiopia) for Leopard is Nebiri, and so she was born.


Sparkling cold brew coffee

In the Summer of 2018 we launched our 3 limited edition flavours of Cold Brew Coffee:

 - Blood Orange

 - Sicilian Lemon

 - Tonic

We were very proud to release these products to start showcasing our vision and demonstrating how much more you can do with soft drinks.


uk first - sparkling cold brew tea

We launched our award winning, UK first, Sparkling Cold Brew Tea.

A step away from coffee and into the world of Tea. A real passion to extend the product range outside of coffee.

Following the same process as we do for our Cold Brew Coffee, we steep REAL tea leaves in cold purified water to extract significant depth of flavour and only 100% natural ingredients.

Check out the Tea


After co-locating for a couple of years we made the decision to take on our own FITCH brewery in York, and moved in June 2019.

Come visit us

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

Andy & Emily x